Young Man’s Cover Of Elvis Presley’s “Always On My Mind” Gets The Entire Arena Cheering For Him

Music by Chanel Adams on November 13, 2017

Benedikt Köstler is one of those young men who have a natural talent. He was given the opportunity to audition for The Voice of Germany. He was excited to perform that he was on board with the idea. Benedikt immediately felt comfortable with the stage and couldn’t wait to sing for everyone.

He sang a rendition of Elvis Presley’s hit song “Always On My Mind.” The very moment Benedikt started singing, the judges were impressed by his vocals. Some thought of him to be a young Elvis. His voice had an old-school feel that took some viewers way back to the good old days.

It’s no surprise that he impressed the judges with this classic song. From the very first note, you could see their expressions as they look at each other. The judges immediately started pressing their buttons and turning their chairs around. All four wanted to work with Benedikt, but of course, he had to choose only one.

Source: YouTube
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