Watch Carlos Santana Bring The House Down With His Roaring “Soul Sacrifice” Performance

Music by Chanel Adams on October 12, 2017

Carlos Santana was ahead of his time. He’s a musician that’s loved on a global scale. His music has made an impact on musicians of all ages and genres. His career spans all the way back to the Woodstock era. Carlos’ career revived in the 1990s and 2000s thanks to his collaborations with Vanessa Carlton and Matchbox 20.

Back on Aug. 8, 1970, Carlos Santana and his band took the stage at The Fillmore in Tanglewood, Massachusetts. They performed the song “Soul Sacrifice,” which was the closing number for his set. Carlos credits this song as what made him famous. Santana’s epic guitar playing is heard all throughout the song.

This concert included performances from B.B. King, Jefferson Airplane, and The Who. It drew the largest crew that Tanglewood has ever seen. After this show, Santana headlined Woodstock and The Voices of East Harlem. This performance shows Santana in their prime, long before Neal Schon joined the band.

Source: YouTube
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