Three Guys And A Girl Step Into An Empty Church. Now Their Christmas Music Video Is Going Viral

Music by Chanel Adams on December 5, 2017

Chris Rupp posted this video of his cover of “His Name Is Jesus” on Nov. 27, 2017. He’s a world renown musician and vocalist. His cover songs have been captivating fans for years. They’re amazed every time he performs a new song. It was not different when he sang this touching version of the popular Christian song “His Name Is Jesus.”

This song was composed by Pam Schultze and features a ballet dancer named Marissa Starkey. She’s seen jumping around and twirling in front of an altar as the three men perform. Chris Rupp sings as the two other men play their guitar and violin. You’ll want to sit down and watch this video all the way through.

Chris Rupp’s fans can’t stop watching this video. One YouTube user wrote: “Incredible song and video. Would love to see this reach people all over the world.” Another user added: “Beautifully done again, Mr. Rupp. The accompaniment complemented your voice wonderfully. You are truly blessed with the gift of music.”

Source: YouTube
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