This Kid Ended Up Becoming The Greatest Rockstar Ever, Do You Recognize Know Him?

Music by Chanel Adams on October 12, 2017

Here’s a treat for all rock and roll fans. This video shows a young age rock star jamming along with his friends. No one knew in 1957 that he would end up becoming one of the greatest rock stars of all time. But, it was apparent that this little boy had serious talent. He is Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Paige.

This footage has his fans wondering, “What happened to that sweet innocent child.” He looks remarkably different in this black-and-white video. Jimmy’s even dressed differently in his sweater and trousers along with his neatly styled hair. At the time, people didn’t know he would become so famous.

Even at a young age, he had incredible talent. He revealed that he wanted to do biological research and find a cure for cancer. But, Paige decided to pursue his love for music and the rest is history. Paige once said about his 1957 TV appearance that “it’s got a charm about it.”

Source: YouTube
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