The Real Meaning Behind Jimi Hendrix’s Iconic Song “Purple Haze”

Music by Chanel Adams on November 14, 2017

“Purple Haze” was featured on Jimi Hendrix’s album, The Jimi Hendrix Experience. When he laid down the riff for his iconic song, it changed the scope of the music industry. The first chord in the song is called “the Hendrix chord.” This song became inarguably one of Hendrix’s best-known songs.

Most people think “Purple Haze” has drug connotations or is from one of Hendrix’s psychedelic trips from taking hard drugs. This is a common misconception with the song. “Purple Haze” was written in December 1966 when the musician hung out backstage in London. Hendrix wrote the song after he dreamed he could walk underwater but then a purple haze swallowed him.

Hendrix’s dream was very traumatic, but fortunately, it wasn’t real. He recalls Jesus saving him in the dream, which is why he wrote the lyric, “Purple Haze, Jesus saves,” but later removed it. The original recording was sent to Hendrix’s label with the note, “deliberate distortion, do not correct.” Now, we are left with this incredible version.

Source: YouTube
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