Kelly Clarkson Joins ‘The Voice’ And Not ‘American Idol’ Because She’s A Huge Fan Of The Show!

Entertainment by Chanel Adams on January 12, 2018

Kelly Clarkson is really happy to be part of The Voice family. The singer attended NBC’s winter press conference on Tuesday, Jan. 9 to talk about the upcoming season of the singing competition show. Clarkson will be one of the celebrity coaches on the show. She even turned down the opportunity to be on the American Idol reboot.

Clarkson was asked by reporters if any of the American Idol producers reached out to her about judging on that show. She said that they have contacted her numerous times, but her two pregnancies got in the way. She’s still fond of Idol and has tried to be a part of it, but it just didn’t pan out.

She’s also a huge fan of The Voice, which is why she took on this opportunity. Her favorite part is the blind auditions, which is what makes this show stand out among the others. Clarkson said that while she doesn’t “fit the pop star image,” she still became a successful “pop star” and that’s what she desires to do for others.

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