Johnny Depp Joins Alice Cooper For A Jam Session, Ends Up Showing Off His Incredible Guitar Skills

Entertainment by Chanel Adams on October 12, 2017

Actor Johnny Depp is typically known for his acting. Little do most people know, he’s also a musician. Before his acting career took off, he was in the band Rock City Angles. He’s also touring with the band Hollywood Vampires with Aerosmith’s Joe Perry. Johnny has worked with various music legends.

He hung out with Alice Cooper backstage at one of his shows. Depp showed that he can shred a guitar. He already looks the part of a rock star. It’s no surprise that he can perform like one too. If Depp’s Hollywood career doesn’t work out, he always has a career in music.

When most actors get into music, they’re usually not good at what they do. That’s not the case for Johnny. When he does something, he puts his heart and soul into it. You can tell that Johnny is passionate about music just like he is about movies.

Source: YouTube
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