Homeless Woman With An Angelic Voice Walks Down The Street Singing–Making Pedestrians Stop And Stare

Music by Chanel Adams on January 12, 2018

This homeless woman is quickly going viral with her angelic voice. She’s made a huge impact on the pedestrians in downtown Los Angeles and now she’s touching lives around the world. This video proves that we should never judge a person’s situation. This woman is still positive despite her personal struggles.

A video of a homeless woman named Radio has gone viral because of the talent and personality she possesses. She was spotted walking alongside downtown Los Angeles when she decided to sing her heart out on the sidewalk. She made everyone stop in their tracks and listen.

Radio is heard singing “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston. That song is usually a risky song for most aspiring singers to take on, but Radio sings it with such ease and effortlessness. It’s unclear whether Radio received professional vocal training or if she was born with natural talent. She has no idea that she’s made an impact with her voice.

Source: YouTube
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