Fall In Love All Over Again With Three Dog Night’s Performance Of “An Old Fashioned Love Song”

Music by Chanel Adams on January 12, 2018

Classic rock lovers light up when they hear the lyrics, “Just an old-fashioned love song.” Back in 1971, Three Dog Night performed the hit song on the Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour. Chuck Negron, Cory Wells, and Danny Hutton gave their performance of “An Old Fashioned Love Song” that made fans fall in love all over again.

This performance will remind you of what it’s like to be young and in love in the early 1970s. The band was not only incredibly talented, but they were good-looking as well. But, they didn’t take themselves too seriously. Danny Hutton took a break from singing to get the band laughing mid-song.

“An Old Fashioned Love Song” was originally written for The Carpenters in 1971. It was added to Three Dog Night’s album Harmony at the very last minute and went on to become one of the band’s biggest hit songs to date. Three Dog Night performed this song with some lighthearted fun and some passion for their craft.

Source: YouTube
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