Eric Clapton Reveals A Heartbreaking Confession That Has Left Fans In Disbelief

Entertainment by Chanel Adams on January 12, 2018

Eric Clapton made a heartbreaking confession in a new interview that left his dedicated fans devastated. The legendary musician is now rethinking his 2018 touring calendar and his future. In a new interview with Steve Wright on BBC Radio 2, Clapton revealed he’s going deaf and struggling to play the guitar.

The 72-year-old musician confessed that anxiety has caused his inability to play and “sing proficiently.” Clapton suffers from various health issues, including tinnitus – ringing from inside the ear. This has negatively impacted Clapton’s performances, but he’s still determined to tour. He hopes that “people will come along and see me, me more than I am a curiosity.”

He’s scheduled to perform at Hyde Park on Sunday, July 8. Until then, the only thing Clapton is focused on his health. He’s worried that his deafness will prevent him from singing and playing the guitar. Clapton wanted to travel every country this year but has found it impossible because of his health issues.

Source: YouTube
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