Couple Revives The Spirit Of Johnny Cash And June Carter With This Classic Country Duet

Music by Chanel Adams on November 14, 2017

Johnny Cash may be gone, but he’s not forgotten. Johnny Cash and his wife June Carter were one of the most iconic country music legends and couples of their time. They were the best-loved story the country music industry has ever seen, long before Faith Hill and Tim McGraw entered the scene.

Cash and Carter often sang their iconic duet “Jackson.” The couple’s legacy has lived on through covers of their classic songs. Aspiring singers Noah Overby and Elizabeth Stroup channeled the couple through the gift of music on their YouTube channel. Some have claimed that they sound just like the original country legends.

According to comments on YouTube, Stroup’s voice strikes a similar resemblance to Carter’s, while Overby perfectly captures Cash’s deep and raw voice. These singers gave an incredible rendition of “Jackson” on YouTube, which has been viewed over 70,000 times. Fans are looking forward to more covers by these awesome singers.

Source: YouTube
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