Celtic Woman Singing A Wizard Of Oz Classic Brings The Entire Auditorium To Tears

Music by Chanel Adams on November 13, 2017

These four beautiful women from the all-female group “Celtic Woman” took the stage at Slane Castle in Ireland back in 2006. Standing onstage in their long white gowns, they looked like they came from Heaven. These women sound just as angelic, as well. When they started singing this classic song from Wizard of Oz, there wasn’t a dry eye in the place.

These women have great control over their vocals. They hit all of the high notes and wow everyone in the audience. The song “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” was originally sung by Judy Garland in the iconic film that’s still popular to this day. It’s already a breathtaking song, but these women take it to another level.

This rendition put the entire audience to tears. They were overcome with emotion the moment the women started singing. The audience loved hearing this song because it brought back so many wonderful memories for them. “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” is a beloved song that’s been heard by generations. It’s hard not to get emotional when you hear it.

Source: YouTube
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