Celine Dion Proves That She Really Is A Versatile Singer With Her Rendition Of “Open Arms”

Music by Chanel Adams on October 10, 2017

Celine Dion blew the audience away at her Las Vegas residency in 2011. The legendary diva proved that she could sing the phonebook if she could. She performed a cover of Journey’s iconic song “Open Arms,” and put her own twist on it. Celine used her raw emotion and powerhouse vocals to make it all her own.

Some fans have compared her version to Mariah Carey’s cover of “Open Arms.” Some believe that Dion’s is the best, while others think Carey’s is better. The two songstresses have been compared over the years. Both Dion and Carey broke the mold in the 90s and have their respective residencies in Sin City.

Not many pop stars are good at pulling off covers of rock songs. Most of them stick to safe and easy songs to sing. That’s because most rock bands have a sound that cannot be copied or replicated. But Celine Dion put her own unique twist with it thanks to her iconic vocals.

Source: YouTube
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