After She Lost Her Mom, 7-Year-Old Rhema Performed A Heartwrenching Version Of “Amazing Grace”

Music by Chanel Adams on October 10, 2017

Rhema Marvanne went through what no kid should go through at a young age. At the tender age of seven, her mother, Wendi, passed away. She was left with a lot of heartache. The now 15-year-old singer coped by singing a cover of Elvis Presley’s “Blue Christmas,” which she shared on YouTube.

She dedicated the classic Christmas song to her mom, as it was her favorite song. Rhema has since become an aspiring young gospel singer. Her latest video of “Amazing Grace” has received over 22 million views. The video shows the then young child wearing a white dress and walking inside a small church.

Some are convinced this young child is a singing angel. God had truly given her the ability to sing. Many of Rhema’s fans have been deeply touched by this music video. It has helped them get over their own loss and embrace their faith. Since Rhema sings with emotion, it will have you shedding some tears.

Source: YouTube
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